HYDRATION BOOSTER 25% of cats’ daily water requirements

Dr. Josie Golan shares her thoughts on Feline Natural

Unlike their canine counterparts, our feline friends are notoriously poor drinkers. This is likely due to their evolutionary path from desert type environments whereby they obtained most of their water through consumption of entire prey animals… including the stomach contents!

Fast forward to present day and many kitties are fed a predominantly dry food diet leaving them at potential risk of inadequate water intake.

As we know for ourselves, adequate hydration is vital for overall health. In cats it is even more critical for the maintenance of a healthy urinary tract. Feline lower urinary tract disease is one of the more common medical complaints we deal with in practice. It is a complex condition where the bladder can become inflamed and urination is difficult and painful for the cat. In severe cases the bladder of male cats can become blocked – this is a life threatening situation and considered a medical emergency. Any person who has experienced this with their furry friend will tell you how distressing and scary it is!

Whilst there are a number of possible causes, a common one is the build of crystals or stones in the cat’s bladder. One of the main ways we can help prevent this from happening is by keeping our companions well hydrated and their urine dilute. However, the age old adage ‘you can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink’ also rings true for cats and has led to many vets and owners feeling like they are banging their heads against a brick wall… until now.

This is a brilliant product developed as an additive to your cat’s diet to increase the water intake of our furry felines.

It is 100% Lamb Green Tripe mixed with natural fresh water from New Zealand and each can provides 25% of a cat’s daily water requirement. The genius lies with the inclusion of the tripe which flavours the water for cats, making it highly palatable.

Further, it means no nasties like added salt need to be included, a common ingredient used in pet foods to drive cats to drink. Recent analysis at Massey University Centre for Feline and Canine Nutrition showed that when compared to tap water, only 6% of the water consumed was tap water while 94% was from the Feline Natural Hydration Booster… a clear winner on taste! I can also corroborate this with the cats I have offered it to in my clinic gobbling it up with gusto!

Whilst this all sounds too good to be true it should be mentioned that this product does have a distinctive odour and as such should be probably be fed outside… unless you have a particular affinity for tripe! It even has a cheeky warning on the can, ‘SMELLS bad, LOOKS bad,
but your cat will LOVE IT’ … and that’s what it is all about after all.

Highly palatable Superfood
Excellent source of protein & hydration
No gelling agents.
No grain.
No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.